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“We have always developed and modified our own automated processes to achieve optimum efficiencies and throughput for our products.  For the last 7 years, Mike Sherrard has helped us generate a significant revenue stream from this activity that has helped us greatly expand the depth and breadth of our process capabilities.”


Steve Davies
President of
Multiplex Manufacturing (formerly Willcock Machine)
Multiplex Manufacturing is an industry leader providing high speed, high precision drilling and tapping services, as well as CNC turning, plasma cutting, and milling operations.

"We initially chose IncreTech over other SR&ED specialists due to favourable pricing.  Following that, we found Incretech to be an efficient and non-bureaucratic service that has made our SR&ED program very effective."


Ross Atkinson

President of Tonolli Canada Ltd.

Tonolli recycles lead acid batteries into pure lead ingots and antimonial lead ingots.  Battery case polypropylene is salvaged and sold as feed stock to plastic recyclers.

 “For 6 years, Mike has efficiently and effectively prepared strong SR&ED tax credit claims for Starr Culinary.  It’s a great program and he is a great consultant.”


Kelly Perera

Owner of Starr Culinary Delights Inc.

Starr Culinary is a state of the art bakery that produces dessert products for the food service and retail supermarket sectors.

“Riverside Brass was not new to the SR&ED program when we first started working with Mike Sherrard in Fiscal 2004.  However, the sizable improvement in the tax credits we received with him has changed the way we view the program and our investment strategies.”


Doug Steinman

Co-Owner of  Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited

Riverside Brass provides a complete capability in high volume and low tolerance non-ferrous casting, from pattern making to finishing, for a wide range of brass, bronze and aluminum alloys.

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IncreTech does not have a sales team to go door-to-door, spam, or cold-call looking for business.  There is no churn to its staff, and very little to its customers.  Those of you who are accustomed to explaining their business to a new junior every tax year know the frustration.

IncreTech prospers by providing consistent personal service year after year to loyal customers and adding a few new ones through referrals from happy customers, accountants, and associates.

Here are some words from some of those customers:

A business model based on personal and consistent service.

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If you don’t see your industry in the list above and would like a reference, please ask.  IncreTech has experience with a large number of industries.