IncreTech keeps all technical and financial information provided by its clients confidential.  It is a full service SR&ED consulting company.  Clients can expect us to:

· Provide a free no-obligation consult to determine SR&ED eligibility.

· Prepare a list of eligible projects and their scope.

· Prepare the technical narratives for the projects.

· Collect and summarize eligible costs.

· Submit required form responses to the client’s accountant for the tax filing.

· Attend any in-house CRA review and negotiate on behalf of the client.

· Follow up with the filing as necessary with federal and provincial tax departments.

· Suggest improvements to documentation procedures, sourcing methods, expense handling, and experimental methods that could improve future claims.

· Consult on the applicability of possible projects as they arise.

As with other reputable SR&ED consultants, IncreTech only gets paid if the claim is successful with full service clients.  There is no retainer or hidden fees.

Our contingency fee is based on the size and claim history of the client.  However, IncreTech guarantees the lowest price among full service SR&ED consultants.  We’ll beat any written quote for comparable services by 10%!


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We’ll beat any written quote for comparable services by 10%!

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