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I’m a Professional Engineer who graduated from Mechanical Engineering at University of Toronto in 1991.  My experience is broad:

· Coop engineer-in-training at what is now Bombardier’s Dash 8 aircraft plant in 1988-89… learning the basics of practical structural engineering and assembly design.

· Plant engineer at a flex circuit board plant…learning troubleshooting techniques for equipment controls, presses, clean rooms, photoresist, CNC drills, acid and alkaline etch lines, electroless & electroplating, solder reflow, and waste management.

· Structural analyst in the Nuclear Group at heat exchanger maker BWXT...establishing a very solid foundation in static, dynamic, and thermal stress analysis.

· Designing and sled testing Rockwell automotive seat adjusters was a solid background in dynamic failure modes for assemblies.

· Designing advanced automotive engine vibration dampening equipment at Litens Automotive gave him a solid grasp of the challenges systems face when things are hot, corrosive, and vibrate.

· A year of special projects at aluminum die casting company Orlick Industries gave me a good grounding in liquid metal and heat flow, tool design and processing, automatic machining, fixture design, and leak testing.

· Consulting for Northbridge Consultants, I have prepared over 500 successful SR&ED tax credit claims for more than 120 companies in industries as diverse as tool & die, food & beverage, clothing, electronics, software, windows & building materials, machinery, automotive, biomedical, furniture, waste processing, chemicals, plating, finishing, printing, packaging, casting, and moulding

Having a consultant with broad experience benefits the client in a number of ways.  Knowledge of structural analysis, vibration, wear, corrosion, electronics, automation, and control programming can aid in practical understanding across many industries, sometimes in ways that help the client with their industry specific problem.  Also, it allows me to come up to speed quickly regarding the client’s technological challenges.  This results is less effort on the client’s part and stronger claims.

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